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Why outsource?
Top 3 advantages for you
Twelve reasons to outsource
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  1. Cost savings
  2. Flexibility
  3. Quality
  4. Service
  5. Quick turnaround times
  6. ICT infrastructure
  7. Trained personnel
  8. Professional process management
  9. Quality thinking
  10. Innovation
  11. Good for Armenia
  12. Test it

Cost savings
Outsourcing your data entry projects to LLYNX means considerable cost savings. As our production is based in Armenia, we are able to work against highly competitive prices. On average, you will save 40 to 50 percent, compared to inhouse data processing. And if you regularly make use of temporary employees, your cost savings will be even greater.

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Flexibility and scalability
Sudden peaks in work volumes can lead to extra management tasks and extra temporary employee costs. Equally, a sudden decline may lead to idle time. Outsourcing your data entry to LLYNX will help you control these fluctuations. LLYNX offers contracts with various types of service level agreements to suit your exact needs.

LLYNX has the capacity to scale up quickly, if needed within days.

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Realising high volume production against high-quality standards requires tailor-made work. It involves.

  • a thorough analysis of the project
  • a working instruction with clearcut procedures, including procedure checks
  • standard error checks
  • If necessary, developing tailor-made error checks.

Advanced error check techniques and highly trained employees enables LLYNX to reach an accuracy level of up to 99,995% (5 errors per 100,000 characters).

Oursourcing your data entry means ‘insourcing’ advanced data processing skills and creating added value for your company and your customers

We always take your requirements as our starting point!

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LLYNX puts your needs first. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • personal attention, creative thinking and a pro-active approach in sharing knowledge and information
  • quick availability of your account manager
  • project continuity and ready availability of support services
  • quick response to your questions and requests.

Complex data entry projects demand a high level of tailor-made service. When you consider outsourcing, you naturally expect solid working relations, both in the preliminary phases and during the project. This is what we specialise in!

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Quick turnaround times
LLYNX works six days a week and in two shifts. Our fast connections and experienced personnel enable us to meet even the tightest deadlines. If needed, we process your daily data load within 24 hours.

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Professional IT and security
With each project, LLYNX aims at exactly the right balance between technichal tools and manual data entry. To make optimal use of technical tools, LLYNX processes all data digitally:

  • we scan all non-electronically available source material
  • we compress scans by means of advanced techniques
  • we use broad band connections between front office and back office
  • we use of OCR and ICR to recognize parts of the input. Use of various other software to increase productivity
  • we have private server in place at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange for further enhancement of our service level quality

Your information and data are valuable and often confidential. LLYNX guards the security of your data. Our security measures include, among others:

  • beveiligde verbindingen
  • safe connections
  • secure networks in front and back office
  • binding non-disclosure agreements with employees and partners
  • backup copies of data before and during processing
  • secure data storage or secure destruction of data after project ending, with due regard to data protection regulations
  • security arrangements are contractually laid down.

Upon your request, we are happy to discuss additional safety measures to realise exactly the right level of data security.

On 1 December 2005, LLYNX was the first Dutch company to be certified against ISO 27001 (previously BS7799) for the entire company. ISO 27001 is the world standard for information security in private companies and public services.

From 2008, LLYNX decided to discontinue external audits, while maintaining the high level of security measures that were put into place in 2005. LLYNX attaches great importance to information security, so as to offer you an optimal solution for processing your confidential data

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Well-trained, highly-motivated personnel
Despite advanced technology, data entry largely remains a matter of handwork. LLYNX therefore attaches great importance to the quality level of our employees!.

Our experienced data entry employees are highly-trained and have a good command of the major European languages.

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Professional process management
LLYNX management team has extensive experience in project and process management, in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. LLYNX delivers on its promise. Always.

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Quality thinking
Our security measures form part a continuous improvement cyclus. They are not isolated measures, but form part of our LLYNX philosophy on quality assurance which is aim at continual improvement.

Your requirements are our starting point, but we like to go beyond your expectations.

In other words: LLYNX is 'committed to excellence'!

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Driven by technically and process oriented innovations, the data entry market is changing continuously:

  • data that were previously processed by hand, can now be processed through automatic data recognition
  • data processing that was previously location bound, can now be done at any location.

LLYNX takes up a forefront position in applying state-of-the-art innovations. Oursourcing to LLYNX means profiting from these innovative trends in the data entry market. It will help you maintain and expand your competitive advantage

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Good for Armenia
LLYNX is both commercial and idealistic. We use modern technology to create new opportunities for professionals in Armenia, a country that is hardly participating in the global economy. We think that sustainable growth in developing countries is not to be realized through aid, but through free market mechanisms.

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Test it yourself
That’s a lot of advantages… on paper. But can we deliver on our promise?

Feel free to test us: contact us for more information or a free-of-charge test.


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